Diving in face first with LAMP – Part 2: I only know how to do this command and the command immediately after

Ahh...to be a linux user.
Immediately, I’m running into issues with Linux.


I really like the command line interface, it really gives you a direct sense of what the computer is doing.  For example, if you’re using Microsoft Excel and trying to open a massive file, the app will just freeze and you’re not sure if the program is working or crashing. For me, the best part is that if I type in a command and I get the next line returned, it worked.  And it’s also really cool to type all this stuff and have your screen explode in text like you’re hacking the Pentagon. 


The downside for me is that if it doesn’t work, you’re shit out of luck.  Since I’m working off a tutorial, any outdated information or any sort of situation that isn’t outlined is going to completely derail this entire process.  But I guess that’s technically the fun part.

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Diving in face first with LAMP – Part 1: I literally just learned what this is

Brick Tamland loves LAMP

I had a conversation last week with a professional programmer named Ryan, who’s the husband of my friend Betsy.  As we were all talking about “the internet” over ice cream sandwiches and drinks, I had no choice but to ask the question that I think affects Gen-Yers today:


I have a lot of business ideas and thoughts for tech startups, but I can’t program.  Is it worth going back to school to learn Computer Science, knowing that even after I graduate I will not be as good as you are now, let alone at where your skill level will be in 2 to 4 years?


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