If you want your computer to be louder for no reason, try mining Bitcoins!


This post isn’t about whether or not Bitcoins are a valid currency.  I’m sure there are much smarter people in the world who can answer that question (and they’ll most likely say no).  This post is about mining for Bitcoins on your computer, which structurally speaking is kind of dumb.  Bitcoin will automatically change the release rate of a single Bitcoin based on how many people are trying to trying to mine it.  As you can imagine, it’s currently overflowing with people trying to cash in on this recent surge in price.

Anyway, I decided to throw my hat into it using my Nvidia GTX 550Ti graphics card which can be described as “generally okay for playing some games but not the best games anymore” to see what will happen.  As expected, my video card fan is now humming at full speed all the time.  Certainly this level of intensity must mean something awesome is happening right?!

After some more digging around, I found a website that would calculate the expected return based on how strong my graphics card is and here are the results:

mining for bitcoins is dumb


I think the moral of the story is I should have bought in when Bitcoin was at 2 dollars.