Writing is writing is writing

Reaction to the Knicks

I need to write more.

One of the most challenging things is not only having the discipline to write every single day, whether it be for this blog, Shift SMS, or guest blogging, but to also have the confidence to not self censor your own content just because you’re not sure whether it’s your best work.  Not every piece of writing is going to be your best, but you should definitely strive to provide value to someone every single time you post something.  For Shift SMS, I’m currently working on another long form piece that I think at the current draft is miles better than any content that’s out there on the same topic.  I think it’s going to be a real winner and it’s something that I would want to read if I were looking at that topic.  More to come on that at a later date.

However, I must confess that I did phone it in on a recent piece of content.  I posted earlier that I was looking into turning my blog posts for Shift SMS into Powerpoint presentations and posting them Slideshare to distribute them, and also improve my SEO score.  I definitely phoned it in (edit: I’ve embedded the latest slide (blue background) with the old slide(white background) so you can compare the difference in quality):

This was just to test the waters, but I’m pretty embarrassed at the quality of the product.  I mentioned earlier that I’m currently writing a post, and this one will definitely be fully utilizing Slideshare to create value for the reader.  Promise.


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