I don’t know how I feel about The Berrics x Nike SB Lock-in

Screenshot of the nike sb lockin at the berrics


Competition in skateboarding is a really weird thing.  My favourite skaters usually aren’t the type to jump down the biggest flights of stairs or grind the longest rail but the type that does the most stylish tricks.  So here’s where the weirdness with the Berrics comes in.  The Nike SB team is camped inside The Berrics for 24 hours to nail 616 tricks/variations of tricks and recording all of it live on Youtube.

From a marketing perspective, it’s kind of the ultimate reality show and it’s a crap ton of content etc. etc. but I really don’t understand the point of it.  It’s kind of depressing that skateboarding can be encapsulated into 616 tricks, without any real consideration of how it looks.


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