New work: Night Terrors Run

Night Terrors Run


I made a website for the first time in a hot second.  It’s for my friend Aimee who has a bad ass running club called The Night Terrors, which is in Toronto.

The site is pretty bad ass.  It compiles the last 30 or so images (it varies strangely…) from Instagram with the hashtag #nightterrorsrun and posts it.  To do this, I used Instafeed.js which is so easy that even I could do it.

To keep it ghetto, we hosted it on Dropbox, which explains the horrendous redirect.  Aimee’s registrar doesn’t allow domain masking.  I already knew how to do it in the past, but if you’re looking for a pretty good guide on how to do it, check out this guide from Sican Studios.



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