TOJam – Friday May 3rd!

A clip from our video game with a character not inspired by Arnold

TOJam  is coming up in about a month and I can’t wait.  I’ve already hollered at the people that I worked with during Toronto Global Game Jam to give it another shot.  There is something with the 48 hour format that is so attractive – the catharsis at the end of the weekend is something that I don’t really get from anything else in my life.

Anyway, while we’re on the topic, I haven’t blogged about my previous experience at the Toronto Global Game Jam.  I had a really amazing time working with a really impromptu team that was made at the last second.  I think everyone really pitched in with any skill that they could provide and strangely, we were one of the few teams that actually finished our game.

Check out the game that we made here!  We were actually fortunate enough to have the game actually featured on the Melon JS website for the framework that we used to make the game.  Any press is good press!  Hopefully I’ll see you all at TO Jam!

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