Diving in face first with LAMP – Part 3: Good is the enemy of great

That time Marge Simpson is in police training and climbs over a wall when there's a door.

After a couple hours of trying to manually install the LAMP stack, I’ve officially decided to give up on the manual install and just use TASKSEL to do it for me. TASKSEL is a command that will automatically do very common tasks, such as setting up servers, installing common programs and, of course, install a LAMP server.



Here is literally the only line you need to type in order to set up a LAMP server:



sudo tasksel install lamp-server



Why did I give up on setting up the LAMP server manually? I’ve decided that the level of headaches from setting up the server manually in Ubuntu was just not worth the amount of time that I was losing from not advancing in learning. Every minute I spent investigating why things weren’t working was making me jaded and contributed to the slowing pace and interest in completing the overall goal of writing my own blog in PHP.


I’ve always had an ongoing inner monologue about actually knowing everything about a certain task and knowing enough to be proficent at doing the task. For example, when I first started playing bass guitar in high school, I taught myself how to play specific songs using tabs which taught you where to put your fingers rather than learning musical theory. I got good enough at some songs to the point where I was able to play in front of my high school for a lunch time concert. However, I was overwhelmed with the constant feeling that I was a huge fraud and that I was basically guitar-heroing and not really a valid musician (a massive concern when you’re a kid in high school).


I ended up saying “fuck it” and sold my bass guitar on craigslist.


Flash foward to a couple years ago when I first started cycling. I was convinced that I wanted to build my own bike from scratch, until I learned that the holy grail of being a bicycle mechanic was the ability to build a wheel. Now, building a wheel is something that requires an insane amount of concentration and precision – but most of all experience.  Almost all tutorials of wheel building will stay that a wheel is properly tensioned when it “feels” right or, I shit you not, it “should be a G [musical note] with plain-gauge spokes and an A [musical note] with butted spokes” when plucked with your finger. Clearly, that is fucking insane.  After a couple of months, I once again was like “fuck it”, but instead of giving it up I just bought a set of wheels on ebay and was able to get on the road. Ever since then, I’ve become an avid cyclist.


I learned that you shouldn’t let the egotistical act of being an expert stand in the way of actually doing something. Hopefully, by building a LAMP stack the easy way (with 1 command) will allow me to actually continue to learn more about developing and keep moving foward.

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