Eddie Huang @ Big Omaha 2012: the new message to the Gen Y

Inspiration comes from a lot of sources now a days.  Every day I’m bombarded with art and other pieces of culture and content with messages that are interesting, but ultimately fall flat for me because I can’t relate to the person that is the creator.  Kim Kardashian can repeat a Ghandi quote a million times but I’ll never inspired by it because she’s kind of the antithesis of everything that I stand for as a human being.

Eddie Huang is a person that’s recently gone on my radar quite a bit.  Ever since his episode of Munchies on Vice, I’ve related a lot to him as a person.  I relate to him not from his recreational vices, or better yet, race;  instead, I relate to him because of his outspoken attitude and the lack of “fucks” he as to give to the status quo.



I watch a video by Jason Calacanis on an episode of this Week In Startups where he ranted about the state of “Generation Y” every couple weeks.  I really empathize with the message of getting your ass in gear and doing something with your life instead of crying about it.


What I like about Eddie is the fact that he’s literally just a guy that will say things that you know are the truth, which I feel is rare in today’s world.  You will not read an interview with Eddie Huang and not know what he’s thinking.  Things like this inspired me to pitch to design a take-out menu from him on Elance (which I didn’t get, sadly), just so I could align myself more with this “controversial” figure. I sincerely believe that this video can officially be added to that Youtube playlist I watch when I get a little extra something to push me forward.

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